Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mexico, Surgeons & BIG Decisions

So, I had a wonderful vacation in Mexico with the family. There is no place on earth I would rather be than Puerto Vallarta. I have 21 years of memories and find peace there like no other place on earth. Plus, Brayden had a great time. It was priceless time with my wonderful family.

During that time, I spoke with my surgeon and spent a bunch of time thinking and praying about what the right course of action should be for my treatment. Needless to say, my scheduled lumpectomy on the 28th didn't happen. Thanks so much to my wonderful surgeon and Debbie, her nurse practitioner. They're both incredible! I'm so sorry to those of you who didn't know about the change and spent Tuesday thinking I was having surgery. It's just been too hard to digest it all, make the right decisions, and keep track of who I've told what to and when. That's one of my other motivations of starting this blog. Please accept my apologies.

So, I now have a double mastectomy planned for the 5th with the first portion of reconstruction. The final "work" has to be done after chemo and radiation, if I need that. Either way, chemo is 8 rounds and going to be tough. I've been told all of my hair will go with the first round. I'm preparing for that. Radiation depends on the final pathology (post-surgery) and if they find more than the one tumor we know about. That's the basics. There's so much more to say, but for now sleep trumps the need to talk about cancer. I'll let you know everything that I can before Wednesday.


Randy said...

i feal for you hope all goes well

kitykity said...

My "special place" like yours in Mexico, is Biloxi. A lot of people think that's just plain dumb, what with all the cool places on earth... why just the other day, a guy here in Virginia was laughing out loud at me. But a spot like that... it grows from memories, I'm convinced, not what you get at face value by just looking at the landscape. It's something that grows in your heart.

I'll be around.


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