Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You know I obviously never was a boy scout, but there's something to that "always be prepared" thing. I have had the best possible day getting prepared for this surgery, treatment, and recovery. I know that some people want to hide their face in the sand when they get a diagnosis like this. That never occurred to me. Instead, I have spent every free moment learning everything I can about what I will need and how to handle the aftermath. I figure as much as I can do beforehand the better. I don't want to be blindsided again like I was the day I found out I might lose my eyelashes. That almost killed me because I didn't see it coming. I crumbled, cried a river, and bared my soul to a stranger. But, who thinks of that??? So, I decided no matter how ugly, it was better to know than wake up one day and find out while it was happening.

So, I had another appointment at All About You this morning. I went in to try on the hair that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I chose it because it looked most like my hair now. Turns out, I didn't like it. I guess originally I wanted to look as inconspicuous as possible. Maybe if I looked exactly the same, I would be the same, or something... But, you know, I'm not the same! And, I'm not going to be the same. So, instead, I got the hair I've always wanted. It's beautiful and doesn't look anything like this naturally curly stuff I've had my ENTIRE life. (Trust me those of you who think that's a blessing, count your own in that department.) I'm almost so excited about it that I want to start treatment tomorrow...but of course, not really.

I'm also blessed with a wonderful company that is graciously providing me with two more wigs. It is our business, afterall. (I can't exactly train all of our salespeople around the US and Canada how to sell hair products into professional salons bald, now can I?) The people that have helped me there are incredible and they don't even know me personally. They've been wonderful and that's two more "looks" I get to sport. I will be able to pick my hair each morning like a shirt or jewelry. Interesting concept..maybe I can sleep later.

I guess there's just a lesson in every day of this journey. Today's scripture that comes to mind is this one: "Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks IN all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. I don't have to be thankful FOR the cancer. But I am thankful IN it.


kitykity said...

It opens new doors... remember the doors series?... and you can hide behind the door... or you can see what's on the other side, like you're doing :) Can't wait to see your new looks, I can't even imagine!

Yvette Birlew said...

Got two of them in the mail today. One I like, the other...not so much... But, still excited about what's on the other side. I know this is my path for a reason.


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