Monday, August 17, 2009

Look Good, Feel Better...Oh, and no more oozing either!

I had a great day for so many reasons today. I got my last drain removed this morning, so I am officially tube-free! No more nasty junk to measure and collect as all of my wounds are now officially on the mend for this portion of the process anyway. I can't begin to explain what that means to me for getting ready to head back to work next week. I've decided to go back on Monday even though that's only 2.5 weeks since the big day and probably a little before my docs would like. I can only lay around so long anyway and if I keep eating all of these wonderful meals from the fabulous people at church, I won't fit into anything but the PJ's and yoga pants that have been my complete wardrobe for the last 12 days. Do we ever have some good cooks at our church! Thanks again for all of the wonderful meals. I can't explain what that has meant.

Another big step happened for me today when I attended the Look Good,Feel Better seminar sponsored by the American Cancer Society. It's a great program that provides women going through cancer with make-up tips to disguise the look and effects of treatment. They also provide a great complimentary make-up bag with all kinds of donated products from so many manufacturers. It's really incredible how many people are involved in helping those dealing with this nasty disease. My favorite part about the make-up tips was the instruction on how to create your eyebrows properly once they fall out. Since, I seem to worry so much about the "big stuff" (that's complete sarcasm if you don't know me...if you do, you knew that already) it was a big thing to mark off the list. I mean what are you supposed to do? Just take a stab at where they used to be from memory? In the process, I learned how great my eyebrow lady is because they completely lined up to where I was supposed to draw them back once they go.

More importantly than anything else is the fact that I got to meet some wonderful women who are taking their own journey with cancer. No two of us has exactly the same kind. Mostly breast cancer, but not just that. Even those of us that have breast cancer have such different kinds and different treatments/surgeries. In a room like that, it's impossible to be focused on yourself when you get to meet others and hear their stories. I count this day among the ones that have been huge blessings since this diagnosis. Thank you, ladies. The time we shared really mattered to me. I have added each of you to my prayer list and promise to make that a regular thing. You've given me a lot of reassurance on the hair thing. I couldn't be more prepared, so I'm going to let go of that until it happens. Between now and then, there are no bad hair days.

Besides, Brayden is coming home tomorrow. I have missed him so badly since he's been at his Dad's. I'm glad they've had so much fun, but can't wait to give him a huge hug and kiss and know he's sleeping under the same roof. Life just isn't complete without him.


Unknown said...

LIG (LET IT GO!)has been my motto for the last couple of weeks. I have to repeat the words over and over, before I start listening tho, why am I so thick headed somtimes! but when I do get it I just send it up in a prayer with one for you too!
So glad to hear your reports!

kristimalik said...

I am so proud of how you are reaching out to all of your resources! I know how independent you have ALWAYS been! You rock... and I have known this forever in my heart and soul!

Marriott Girl said...

We will be so glad to have you back across the street at Sally's
just knowing you not there we feel your absence daily.
I would ask where you get your strenth but I know, I need to seek the same.
I am so glad to hear your wonderful updates and progress.
God Bless you!

kitykity said...

I totally forgot you were going to this class! Was it cool? I know you did a lot of visiting, but did you learn a bunch of other neat stuff besides your eyebrows? Super cool!


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