Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The BIG Day

I'm spending the morning of the big day with my boy who never sleeps in. He's such a wonderful gift. I'm going to miss cuddling with him for the next week or so. I wanted to just say a couple of specific "Thank You's" this morning before I start the weird pre-surgical processes they've given me to do. It includes plastic wrap from the kitchen....

Thank you to my wonderful friend, Susan, for giving me the ability to bring Brayden's sweet voice with me to the hospital, and sleep with him when he's not there. You will never know how much your insight into what I needed when I didn't even know it has meant. And, thanks for coming over and fixing my stupid iPod last night at midnight. You friendship is such a blessing.

To my family, thank you for always loving me. (That hasn't always been easy.) I love each of you so much and want you to know that I'm OK. So, you need to be OK, too.

Thank you to Fellowship Church for the preparation that the last 7 years in that family has given me for this time. I could never have faced the next year without the time I have spent inside those walls, both in Grapevine and Plano. Our church is so full of wonderful people, teachers, and classes. Those, along with Sunday services, have given me what I needed to allow God to completely redesign my life. I'm so excited to see where that's going to end up. I didn't have any idea it involved cancer, but believe what's waiting for me on the back side of this will be worth it. I think this is part of the way He plans to use me. We'll see!

As for the rest of my friends, you guys mean the world to me. Your support and encouraging words have helped give me the strength to get through this so far, so don't stop now! My first two sets of "hair" arrived last night. Let's just say the romance of the "hair as an accessory" is over. I'll need every single one of you to help me through the baldness. I think I'm a little more vain than previously thought. So, please come drag me out of the house into public even when I don't want to go. That's it for now. I'll be back for post-surgery details after they take away my "magic button" of pain management and I can make sense again.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I find myself so filled with prayer for you. You stepped in and blessed my life at a time when you needed it most and yet it was God who has worked thru both of us and I am constanly reminded of how many things happened so perfectly in His Plan.(it sure was not ours!) I am so greatful to you for the blessing of a few moments that you took, that reawakened my heart!
I can only imagine what you are goin thru right now. I hope you are finding some rest.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Just want you to know I'm praying non-stop for you and that I love you so much (you're my favorite in the family you know) My heart is with you. I wish I could bear some of the pain for you, or make this easier somehow, but I know things happen for the good, even this. I love you're blogs they are humorous, brave, honest, and beautiful just like you. Keep hanging in there, can't wait to see you, you flat-chested, bald beauty!

Kim said...

OOps! The above comment was from your computer unsavvy sister in law Kim. Take care of you my friend, we need you. Kim

kitykity said...

Hey lady. We all love you, and don't worry, we'll drag you out of the house from time to time. I hope by this time tomorrow night you're home. Hugs...

Cow Pasture Gal said...

Yvette, I want you to know that I am praying for you daily as you work your way through this difficult and lengthy recovery. Reading your blog was just gut wrenching because you are so articulate and sound so strong but at the same time, so clearly and honestly portray your fear and anxieties. Because it has been so recent since I walked through a difficult, long battle with an unexpected health issue, your words especially touched me. I know it is therapeutic for you to write out your feelings and anxieties and to keep a journal which documents every step of the way. I wish I had done the same because I find myself reflecting back many, many times to the “dark days” and wanting to recall them in detail because I am so thankful to God for hearing the multitude of prayers sent to Him for my recovery and I realize more than ever He really loves me. My heart just goes out to you. I’m so thrilled you are starting from a much better place than I did… already have a close, trusting relationship with our Lord and are yielding to his plan for you. You will only grow stronger by this nightmare and will have His comfort from the beginning. When you’ve made it through the most difficult of days and see health returning, believe me, you will look back and realize how many, many blessings have arisen and you can find joy in the renewed peace that is yours.
As an addition to your "hair wardrobe",you are welcome to use my strawberry blond wig which served me quite well while my curly hair was coming back. It also came back in better shape than it left....but curlier!

Judy (Felicia’s mom)

Howdybooth said...
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Howdybooth said...

Well you're with your mom by now. I sure hope you like all the pink stuff (your favorite color LOL) people keep finding and bringing. Already miss hearing your voice.

Unknown said...

More prayers for you
I am finishing my last week of work. It is more clear than ever that the sole purpose of me taking this job, was that our lives would be touched and that I would realize what a great and awsome God I had turned my back on. WE are touching people thru my side of the story. and when I figure it out, (maybe tomarrow) I need to forward your blog, as I have had so many people touched by your side of our story.
Thank you over and over for being an instument that He could work thru

Anonymous said...

Your strength continues to amaze me.. you are one incredible lady & I am so proud of you! Your faith abounds!!! All of us whose lives have intersected with yours are truly blessed!!!

Also, on another note, have you heard of It's a great site for cancer folks & I believe anyone can set up a site there. Charlie's daughter is on there. You can also post pics, etc... You might want to check it out & see if it's a better or different venue.

My prayers continue & let me know how I can help as you navigate this nasty disease!

Love & Blessings,



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